Propane & Teamplate

  • Industry – Marketing Services
  • Company size – 45
  • Headquarters – Valletta, Malta
  • Customer since – 2022
  • Product Users – Chat, Screen Record, Personal Space

Transforming Propane’s Workflow with Teamplate

Company Story

In the evolving domain of Brazil’s iGaming and betting industry, Propane stands out as an innovative leader, revolutionizing the field. This avant-garde agency surpasses the norms of conventional marketing, fervently highlighting the thrilling aspects of iGaming. Possessing a team of seasoned professionals adept in website localization, compelling campaigns, and strategic communications, Propane excels at establishing robust connections between international brands and the Brazilian audience. Their objective is not limited to simple translation; they are experts in driving web traffic, enhancing digital platforms, and refining promotional strategies to craft a remarkable gaming experience. Propane distinguishes itself as more than just a marketing firm; they are the architects of a new narrative in online entertainment in Brazil, weaving stories that captivate and engage.


As Propane underwent significant expansion in Brazil’s dynamic iGaming and betting industry, the company faced the intricate challenge of refining its operational workflows and fostering better teamwork. The issue of disjointed communication, scattered project management, and the essential requirement for heightened synchronization among diverse teams emerged, highlighting the need for an all-encompassing strategy. This strategy was crucial to maintain Propane’s trajectory of success in the fiercely competitive realm of digital marketing. Such an approach would not only streamline processes but also enhance the harmonious collaboration essential for the company’s continued growth and excellence in this sector.

Why Teamplate?

Propane selected Teamplate as the optimal solution for enhancing workflow efficiency and collaboration, drawn by its comprehensive suite of features. The platform’s real-time communication capabilities, cutting-edge Screen Record function, and customizable productivity spaces resonated with Propane’s forward-thinking objectives. This choice was influenced by the conviction that Teamplate’s functionalities would not only resolve current operational challenges but also play a pivotal role in driving ongoing improvements in organizational productivity and effectiveness, thereby aligning seamlessly with Propane’s strategic vision for future growth.

Implementation of Teamplate

Real-time Communication

Propane embraced Teamplate’s real-time communication features, including direct messages, group discussions, and Spaces conversations, to promote seamless team collaboration. Video calls became instrumental in enabling Propane team members to connect in real-time, facilitating quick and clear discussions on projects, strategies, and client interactions.

New Screen Record Feature

The introduction of Teamplate’s Screen Record feature significantly enhanced efficiency and transparency for Propane. Team members could now easily record and share their screens, facilitating clearer communication of complex ideas, walkthroughs, and project updates. This feature also served as a valuable tool for training, troubleshooting, and documentation, contributing to streamlined communication and improved collaboration.

Personal Space

Empowering productivity, Teamplate’s Personal Space feature provided a tailored approach to efficiency. Offering a dedicated Chat, Board, Calendar, and Data Room customized to individual preferences, it provided an intuitive platform for streamlined task management. Personal Space ensured that team members could work with precision and customization, bringing a new level of productivity to Propane.


The adoption of Teamplate at Propane has brought about transformative changes, significantly enhancing various aspects of the company’s operations. The introduction of real-time communication tools has revolutionized the way teams collaborate, diminishing the dependence on conventional communication methods and markedly boosting team efficiency. The Screen Record functionality has notably improved communication dynamics, becoming an indispensable tool for training purposes, troubleshooting, and documentation. This feature has greatly contributed to increased transparency and collaboration within the company.

Furthermore, the Personal Space feature has revolutionized individual productivity by offering a customized and user-friendly platform for effective task management, thereby elevating the overall workspace experience. The strategic implementation of Teamplate within Propane has been instrumental in reshaping the company’s workflow. It has adeptly addressed the challenges brought on by rapid growth and laid a strong foundation for ongoing enhancements in internal processes, steering Propane towards greater operational excellence.


In summary, the strategic deployment of Teamplate at Propane has been critical in revolutionizing the company’s operational workflows, effectively navigating the complexities associated with rapid expansion. Teamplate’s suite of features, encompassing real-time communication, the Screen Record function, and the Personal Space tool, has not only streamlined internal processes but has also been instrumental in fortifying Propane’s stature in the fiercely competitive SEO arena.

Teamplate has emerged as an essential asset for Propane, enabling the company to consistently achieve outstanding outcomes and solidify its reputation as a dependable and proficient entity in the SEO sector. The marked improvements in communication, teamwork, and productivity underscore the importance of embracing cutting-edge solutions to meet the ever-changing requirements of the digital marketing world. Propane’s successful integration of Teamplate stands as a persuasive example for other businesses aiming to refine their operational efficiencies and excel in fast-paced, competitive markets.