Data Room
Centralize and share your project files
Data Room

Store your project documentation in one easy-to-access place to enable powered up knowledge sharing and transparency

Convenient Access

With Teamplate’s data room, you and your team can access your files from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go. Integrate and link to files and folders easily in the wiki or in chats.

  • Universal access for projects
  • Total stakeholder transparency
  • Easily link documents in wiki & chats

No more ‘lost data’ or legacy issues

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Support for all file and image formats

Experience smooth storage and management for any file or folder with our adaptable data room, specifically created to meet all your project requirements. Benefit from a neatly organized workspace and enjoy seamless collaboration.

  • All files and media supported
  • Organized file & folder hierarchy
  • Seamless sharing

All files in one space for easy collaboration

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Super charge collaboration

The data room enables real-time project collaboration, boosting your efficiency and elevating productivity like never before. You can also set privacy access settings for each file and folder, to empower teams but also still ensure security for sensitive data.

  • Effortless sharing
  • Real-time teamwork
  • Privacy access settings for each file

Real-time sharing for remote teams

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