Never miss another meeting

Stay on top of your project schedule and jump in and out of meetings with ease

Maximize your time

With Teamplate’s space-based calendars, all stakeholders have a built-in overview of all the meetings happening for a project. Plus, when you set up a meeting, all stakeholders in that space are automatically added so that you don’t risk missing anyone.

  • The teams´s schedule at a glance
  • Project-focused meetings
  • Flexible viewing options

Eliminate overlapping & double-booked meetings

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Maxed out scheduling efficiency

Create events directly from the calendar, or convert messages from chats into a meeting: the choice is yours. All team members in a space are automatically added to the event, simply remove members not required in the meeting. Easily customize time, data and location with a few clicks.

  • Streamlined event setup
  • Convert messages into events
  • Effortless navigation

All team members automatically added to your event

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Integrated video calls

Enhance collaboration with our calendar’s integrated video call feature, perfect for conducting meetings with ease. No third-party application integration required, just toggle the ‘Add video call’ button when setting up your calendar event.

  • Collaborate with external users
  • Streamline video conferencing tools
  • Timely reminders

No screen switching, loading time, or setup required

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