Devspire & Teamplate

  • Industry – Information Services
  • Company size – 78
  • Headquarters – Dortmund, Germany
  • Customer Since – 2021
  • Produnct Users – Unified Workspace, Dashboard, Spaces

Transforming Digital Excellence with Devspire and Teamplate


Founded in 2012, Devspire has evolved into a distinguished digital product agency renowned for delivering scalable solutions to a variety of industries. Operating as a key division of the Topmotive Group, Devspire extends its expertise to the automotive sector, offering an array of digital creative agency services. This encompasses proficiency in web and mobile development, e-commerce platforms, design strategy, and sophisticated DevOps & Cloud services. Anchored by fundamental principles of integrity, teamwork, effectiveness, and a commitment to ongoing enhancement, Devspire has cemented its reputation as a reliable partner for enterprises in pursuit of innovative digital solutions.

The Challenge:

Since its inception in 2012, Devspire has been on a path of consistent growth and innovation. During this journey, the company faced numerous obstacles that affected smooth collaboration and effective management of projects across its departments. The tools and platforms previously employed were not integrated, resulting in a disjointed and inefficient workflow. Managing users and subscriptions became a complex task, as it involved monitoring multiple aspects across various platforms, leading to operational inefficiencies. This lack of cohesion in processes posed a significant challenge to the scalability of the organization’s operations. Consequently, there emerged a critical need for an integrated solution capable of consolidating these disparate processes into a cohesive system.

Why Teamplate?

Acknowledging the constraints of their existing technological infrastructure, Devspire embarked on a quest for a holistic solution that would address their complex set of challenges. It was in this context that Teamplate emerged as an ideal solution, offering a centralized platform that promised to revolutionize collaboration within the organization. The appeal of Teamplate lay in its commitment to delivering a streamlined, intuitive user experience, resonating deeply with Devspire’s foundational values of integrity, teamwork, efficiency, and a dedication to continual progress. The potential of Teamplate to serve as a singular platform for effective management, streamlined operations, and seamless workspace creation was a compelling factor for Devspire. This convinced them that adopting Teamplate would be pivotal in surmounting their operational hurdles, thereby cultivating a more collaborative and productive work environment.

Key Features Leveraged:

Unified Management Hub:

Devspire enhanced its operational efficiency through the strategic utilization of Teamplate’s Unified Management Hub. This innovative feature streamlined the management of users and subscriptions, thereby obviating the necessity of monitoring credit card transactions across multiple platforms. By centralizing these functions, Devspire could manage all aspects seamlessly from a single location, exemplifying their commitment to efficient, streamlined control and management. This approach significantly simplified their administrative processes, reflecting a sophisticated and effective organizational strategy.

Unified Workspace

Teamplate revolutionized internal project management at Devspire by providing a unified solution for various departments. Whether it was social media, sales, recruiting, or HR, Teamplate consolidated everything into a single, user-friendly platform. This eliminated the need to toggle between multiple tools, providing enhanced efficiency and a well-organized workflow across the organization.


Devspire achieved a consolidated overview of its operations through the integration of Teamplate’s Dashboard, which boasts a comprehensive aggregated calendar and ticket view. This feature enabled users to efficiently monitor all assigned tickets across various Spaces directly from the Dashboard. This functionality was especially advantageous for those overseeing multiple projects, as it eradicated the necessity for continual navigation between different interfaces. By offering a smoothly integrated experience, Teamplate’s Dashboard significantly enhanced the efficiency of project management within Devspire, streamlining the workflow for individuals managing diverse projects.


Teamplate’s Spaces feature simplified the creation of workspaces and projects for Devspire. The ease and speed of initiating spaces and projects without the hassle of setting up separate instances for each new customer or project significantly enhanced productivity. With Spaces, Devspire brought everything together in just a few clicks, saving time and ensuring a swift start to every endeavour.


The implementation of Teamplate within Devspire marked a pivotal shift, resulting in substantial enhancements across key areas of operation. The platform’s Unified Management Hub revolutionized user and subscription management by offering a centralized system. This shift not only simplified complex processes but also augmented control and efficiency. As a result, Devspire experienced notable time savings and improved management of user access and subscription details.

Moreover, the unified platform significantly addressed the issue of fragmented tool usage within the organization. By reducing the dependency on multiple applications, Teamplate streamlined internal project management processes. This unification led to increased operational efficiency and a more coherent workflow, thereby facilitating smoother collaboration across various departments.

The Dashboard feature of Teamplate, with its integrated calendar and ticket overview, introduced a new level of transparency in project tracking. It enabled effortless monitoring of assigned tasks, diminishing the time previously spent switching between different views. This feature was instrumental in providing a clear and concise overview of ongoing projects.

Additionally, the Spaces feature of Teamplate greatly enhanced the ease of creating new workspaces. This dramatically reduced the time and effort required to kickstart new projects, thereby boosting collaborative efforts right from the project’s inception. Overall, Teamplate’s suite of features significantly propelled Devspire’s operational capabilities, fostering a more streamlined, efficient, and collaborative work environment.


Teamplate emerged as the indispensable solution that met and surpassed Devspire’s needs, optimizing collaboration and efficiency to new levels. Going beyond the resolution of initial challenges, the platform exceeded expectations by significantly enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency. The outcomes highlight Teamplate’s pivotal role in streamlining user and subscription management, consolidating internal project processes, ensuring transparent project tracking, and expediting workspace creation. Devspire’s strategic use of features such as the Unified Management Hub, Streamlined Operations Across Teams, Dashboard, and Spaces led to a profound transformation in project management practices. This strategic alignment not only addressed operational challenges but also reflected Devspire’s commitment to core values—integrity, teamwork, effectiveness, and continuous improvement. As a result, Teamplate has become more than a solution; it has evolved into a trusted partner, empowering Devspire to maintain a leading position in delivering cutting-edge digital solutions within the competitive market landscape.