Communicate in real-time

Share updates, post tickets, respond in threads, and seamlessly collaborate with different teams and clients across various projects, spaces, and direct messages.

The basis for effective communication and work

Whether you work on a synchronous or asynchronous based project, Teamplate provides the ideal environment for effective and efficient communication. Send out company updates, engage in project discussions, or just casually catch-up with a colleague: connect with chat.

  • Stay connected cross-company
  • Direct message colleagues
  • Create project-based group chat

Real-time conversations & discussions

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Convert to…

Teamplate transforms the chat function into a unique integration. It allows you to convert messages into tasks, events, or notes with just a few clicks. This feature streamlines your workflow and helps keep track of important information without having to switch between multiple apps.

  • Convert messages into tickets
  • Convert messages into events
  • Convert messages into notes

Reduce clicks & spend more time getting things done

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Get smart notifications whenever something needs your attention

Receiving push notifications is a crucial part of staying on top of new messages. Our chat makes it easy to stay up-to-date with new messages by sending you smart push notifications straight to your device. You’ll never miss an important message.

  • All info you need in push notifications
  • Reply in threads
  • Mobile integration

Stay in the loop on every project

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Reactions on messages

Elevate your communication experience with engaging chat reactions, contributing to company culture and cutting down on unnecessary acknowledgement messages.

  • Instant engagement
  • Expressive reactions
  • Build company culture

All emojis welcome in Teamplate

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